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Hit Kit



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The Dank Bank is a stash box designed for gadget-loving cannabis consumers. A BIC EZ Reach lighter sits nestled atop it, held in place by a magnet. This lighter serves as the Dank Bank's key- it is used to unlock the Dank Bank. Once the lighter's end is fully inserted into the key hole a locking mechanism releases its grip on the storage compartment and thus allows the storage compartment to be swung outward. Inside this compartment you'll find a quality herb grinder, an air-tight glass jar for herb storage, one pack of rolling papers + tips, an OG Hit Kit to be used for transporting your smokes when you're on the go, and one standard Bic lighter to fit in your OG Hit Kit. This stash box's function is highly novel and is guaranteed to please and impress!

The Dank Bank comes fully loaded. The following items are included with your purchase:

-One Bic EZ Reach lighter to unlock your Dank Bank and light your smokes. Color is random.

-One standard Bic lighter. Color is random.

-One 63mm diameter herb grinder. Four pieces, Hit Kit branded. Made from zinc alloy (better than aluminum!).

-One 3.3oz air-tight glass jar for herb storage.

-One Keefer Scraper multi-tool, a high quality keef/herb shovel made from stainless steel.

-One pack of Hippie Stixx rolling papers + tips. Hippie Stixx is a popular Atlanta-based brand and their papers are made from a slow burning Arabian gum.

-One OG Hit Kit. This is a portable container that is purposefully designed to fit in your pocket and transport two rolled joints/blunts + one standard BIC lighter.
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