Science. Technology. New Paradigms. The Cutting Edge. Synergy. Buzzwords.

Hit Kit employs highly advanced scientific research methods and rigorous product testing to ensure that all of its products are 100% certified dank. Really though I get ideas while taking a shower and then make them by combination of 3D printer and CNC laser. Trust me, I'm an engineer.

Hit Kit is my creative outlet and these products are my homage to the humble joint. I'm trying to create clever carrying cases to hold whatever you want to smoke + a lighter. Devices that will add convenience to your smoking experience and are guaranteed to serve as a conversation starter. 

Prior to Hit Kit I was on a mission to create the ultimate mason jar pipe. This was years ago, but you might recall seeing my designs on Instagram. I'm the same guy who was originally behind Glass Lung Pipes.

Thank you for reading and check back here periodically, I always have something new in the works,