You're probably wondering what happened to Glass Lung.

I started Glass Lung in my one bedroom apartment in 2015 and it became my full time job in 2016. Two years later the business was consuming me in unhealthy ways and I needed to get away from it all. Fortunately I had a friend who was willing to pick up the torch and keep my dream alive and he ran Glass Lung until its end in 2021. All in all, Glass Lung Pipes had a great run.

Glass Lung is no more but if you're in the market for a mason jar pipe I do have one option available for you, the Sol Pipe. I designed this one after Glass Lung went under and personally I think it's my best pipe design. I'm selling it on ebay instead of this website because my payment processor won't permit me to sell b-o-n-g-s. Ebay doesn't seem to mind such things.

This is what it looks like-

 Pint Version

Quart Version