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Hit Kit

Doob Tube Dispenser for 98mm Doob Tubes

Doob Tube Dispenser for 98mm Doob Tubes

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Please describe how you'd like your Hit Kit to be engraved in the box below. Engraving is one side only.

If you'd like to have simple text engraved (for example, someone's name) please write out the desired text and choose from the available fonts.

Graphics and photographs can also be engraved. In the event that your selected graphic/photo is difficult to engrave I will use AI to make it into something more easily engravable, a black and white sketch. Rest assured I will make sure your custom Hit Kit looks good!

Your next joint/blunt sesh is just a lever pull away. Pull the lever and out comes a doob tube, upright and ready to be grabbed. The mechanical action of this machine is smooth and satisfying. It houses up to seventeen standard 98mm doob tubes. What you fill the doob tubes with is up to you.

I designed this product with vendors in mind however I’m sure frequent joint/blunt smokers will want one too. The upper area of this dispenser is a 4" wide x 4" high billboard that can be engraved with a graphic or text, perfect for showing off your brand's logo. Please message me either before or after purchase and we'll figure out the details of your customization!

Free shipping within the US.

17 doob tubes come included.


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