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Hit Kit

FLAMETHROWER- Southwestern

FLAMETHROWER- Southwestern

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Carry two joints and a lighter wherever you go! The Flamethrower conveniently fits in your pocket and makes fumbling for your smokes a thing of the past. It's a perfect accessory for hiking, golfing, snowboarding, concert-going, picnicking, you name it.

The Flamethrower houses a BIC EZ Reach Lighter and uses it to cast flame from within. It also comes equipped with storage space to stow two smokes.

Device dimensions: 2.26" x 4.80" x 0.76"
Maximum smoke dimensions: each smoke can be up to 4.05" long, 0.50" diameter
*Bic EZ Reach Lighter is included. Papers are not included.
*For use with LEGAL herbs only. Respect your local laws!


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